software test training

Our team has eight plus years of experience in training in manual and automation testing and related technologies. We have trained about 500 candidates in UK till date. We also undertake corporate training for professionals in the latest techniques and technologies.

The courses are designed and customised to each target group. However the qualifying criteria for such trainings are to be an entry level testing professional or QA team member.

Key features:

- Updating the skillsets as per the latest trends on Testing for business assurance.
- Focus on Webservices testing and Mobile Application testing
- To convert a manual tester into automation tester on any platform
- Real time and in-house projects experience
- Training expertise in BDD, Agile testing and different testing methodologies.
- Classroom and online trainings can be organised

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Automation Testing - Training coverage:

- Analyse the current scope for automation.
- Suggest steps for automation.
- Implement strong automation testing engineering principles.
- Link them to headless cloud solutions to eliminate the hassle of local automated testing.
- Suggest better tools, reports and process.
- Expect ROI on automation.

Mobile Technology Stack:

- Appium Cucumber Java
    • iOS
    • Android
- Calabash Cucumber
    • iOS
    • Android

Content Testing Technology Stack:

    • Python CSS
    • Webdriver CSS

agile Testing training

Agile Testing Training

- Early start of testing in the software development life cycle
- Demands continues iteration of development and testing
- Enhanced customer collaboration needed for the entire project
- Client has early and frequent opportunities to review the product
- Expertise in latest variants of Agile methodology

BDD Training

- Familiarise in BDD methodology
- Explore Ruby, Java with Cucumber
- Apply various Testing techniques in Cucumber
- Generate reports using Cucumber
- Apply Cucumber to Test Web Applications
- Implement BDD test using Ruby, Java
- Work on a real time project, implementing Cucumber testing


We Offer

Help Manual Testers To Become Automations Testers

Every tester’s dream. We all want be automation testers. But only few of us are successful at it. Here are some simple measures that will help you be the kind of automation tester that you desire to be.

Training On BDD To Testers

With years of real world bdd experience, we offer two comprehensive training programmes to help your business adopt bdd, focusing on the different skills and techniques involved.

Selenium Training

Selenium is a software testing framework that web developers use to test various scenarios for their web applications. Selenium allows for the automation of most modern web browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

Selenium provides tools like the record/playback tool that allows software testers and web developers to create software tests without having to learn a test scripting language.

Performance Testing Training

It is the process of determining the speed or effectiveness of a computer, network, software program or device.