Managing Director’s Vision And Commitment

We in Banana IT our corporate vision has always been to create a visible impact by ensuring societal value and customer delight. As a passionate team, we believe that we have ‘one life – one opportunity’ to leave our footprint on this planet. Our forte is technology and its enablement to client needs. We are proud of our expertise in niche technologies - development and testing, coupled with years of domain experience and knowledge of industry eco-system. We are convinced that technology will continuously transform our life style and the way businesses have to operate. As knowledge practitioners, we believe that the future is of mobile internet, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence. ‘Internet on things’ could revolutionise how we visualise the objects around us. Banana IT has the vision to play key role in all these areas, be it business consulting, or solution architecture, and be it development of niche technologies or testing the solutions.

To align to our vision, we have nurtured ‘centre of excellence’ in the areas of Automation testing in web and mobile solutions. Our passionate team keeps itself abreast of the cutting edge tools and methodologies in Testing. From many clients we are the trail blazer service providers in web services testing and in BDD. Our 1000 strong network of testing community in UK are our inspiration and strength. We help the clients for crowd source testing and near location/remote testing as innovative techniques to deliver world class testing projects.

As the founder, Director, my job is to percolate the corporate core values of honesty, integrity and quality outputs of whatever we do. And I reckon Iam reasonably successful in doing so - -when I interact with my team and stakeholders. I commit to top quality delivery of our products and services and assure leadership attention to detail while not losing the macro view of customer expectations and outcomes.

Management Team - Software Testing

Sriram Angajala

Managing Director

Sriram Angajala

Sriram comes with 10 plus years of global experience in Manual and Automation testing for web and mobile solutions. He is sought after by UK clients for his pioneering ideas and skills in the testing domain. He leads the software testing and the CoE for Banana IT.