The Device Lab is supported by Mobile and App testing experts to ensure you achieve the desired level of quality. We make it hassle-free and deliver using a robust approach to testing with access to all the leading devices in the Device hub. The Device hub provides an effective and low cost solution to your Mobile and Apps testing requirements.

List of Primary Devices

The list of Primary devices to be tested decided by the marketing team of the each company and it is depends the present trend of usage of platforms of the mobile software. We have dedicated device management for our clients. Our clients can access almost all the latest devices, OSs, and carriers at any time, from anywhere.

Some of the popular ones are:

- Samsung Galaxy S3 to S7 - all models - Android
- Motorola Moto X - Android
- Sony Xperia Z3 Compact - Android
- LG G4 - Android
- Apple iPhone from (4S to 7 – all models) Plus – iOS

Device hubs